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The search for a stand out advertising campaign

Copywriting Project

Project Overview

Upad, the UK's largest private rental property website, had a issue that only a creative mind could solve. They knew they had a business that could not only solve landlords problems but also save them quite a bit of money as well. The problem was educating landlords to the fact that they actually had a problem in the first place.

That's why Upad turned to Talent Cupboard to source ideas for a campaign to really highlight the problems that landlords face and how Upad can solve it.

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Upad Copywriting


Adam Ball BBC Paul Bond
Extra, extra! Featured on the BBC

We were thrilled when the BBC contacted us to film a piece on how Talent Cupboard (we were called Concept Cupboard at the time) was taking a unique approach to help businesses and tackle youth unemployment all at the same time.

The Upad project was the perfect example to showcase.

The winning freelancer of the Upad project, Paul Bond, was trying to break into the world of copywriting and finding a hard time of it. The trouble was that without experience he wasn't going to land a job in an agency. He was in the vicious circle of needing experience to get experience in the first place.

He's heard about our website and decided to start applying to a few different project. Upad was his first win and everythign changed from there.

Being able to showcase some real commercial work he managed to land an internship at an award-winning agency called BURN. He's then landed a full time job of the back of those initial few weeks. The rest is history.

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The business

About Upad offers a fresh approach to lettings and is shaking up a very traditional industry.

By employing the benefits of new technology we challenge the conventions of the category and save our consumers hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

We're Expedia to the high street agent's Thomas Cook travel agent.

Our video helps to explain the service:

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What Upad had to say about...

... Talent Cupboard

"Our challenge for the Talent Cupboard community was simple. To create compelling messaging to highlight the problems Upad solves for landlords. We received a great range of ideas from their community at a highly affordable price. The winning freelancer, Paul, really hit the mark with what we needed from the project."

... the winning freelancer

"Paul really got the brief without any additional guidance and came back with just what we were after. Great insight and creativity"

The winning freelancer
The winning freelancer

Paul has a has a degree in Psychology from Newcastle University and is a full time copywriter at a marketing agency in London. This project was his first win on Talent Cupboard and led to him securing this role which is his first within the industry. We're extremely proud of this achievement and the work that Paul has contributed.

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John Walsh
What Paul had to say

"Winning this project really helped me to gain a foothold within the marketing industry and land my first piece of experience. Off the back of wiining this project I was then able to land a full-time job in a London marketing agency.

I highly recommend any students who are trying to stand out to employers to sign up today! It's a great way to build your portfolio and earn at the same time."

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