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Business Is Great App

A mobile app to help small business wherever,
and whenever, they need it

Project Overview

The brief for this project was simple: create a mobile app to provide help to small businesses, whenever, and wherever they needed it.

Talent Cupboard is all about helping small businesses so we knew we had to help.

The project had a tight deadline as we would need to launch before the 2015 election. This meant we had 7 weeks to design, build and launch the app. Read on to find out how we worked with government & our community to produce this app.

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Business Is Great App

Time to launch
7 weeks
Hackathon attendees
Social reach on launch

About the Government's department for
Business, Innovation & Skills

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) is the department for economic growth. The department invests in skills and education to promote trade, boost innovation and help people to start and grow a business. BIS also protects consumers and reduces the impact of regulation.

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What the Government had to say

"We've got an ambition to make Britain the best place to start and grow a business; the App we have launched today is part of that. It's great to see so many students and businesses working together with government, to produce this great tool for small businesses."

- Matthew Hancock, former Minister of State for Business and Enterprise

How we did it. 3 simple steps.
1. The design
Marvel app design

To kickstart the design process we started by creating interactive pencil drawn applications. This allowed us and our community to quickly show government what the potential of the app could be.

2. The build
App coding

For the build of the app we turned to our community of coding talent. We hired a brilliant young coder from Kingston University to work in-house at Talent Cupboard HQ to bring the app to life. Soon enough, we had the app in our hands.

3. The launch

After 7 weeks of prototyping, developing and tweaking we were ready to launch the app. The plan was to host a full day hackathon and then have Matthew Hancock, former minister of State for Business and Enterprise.

Brighton was our destination and so SME's, local students and government headed down for a day of activity. The purpose of the hackathon was to have further input what functionality the app should have next.

Tons of great ideas came out of the session and it was great to see SME's and students work together to solve problems. A bit like on Talent Cupboard really!

View the video to see more of what happened on the lauch day.

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