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What is Talent Cupboard?

Talent Cupboard is a platform dedicated to connecting businesses with talented students & graduates.

Our mission is two fold.

One: To help businesses grow by connecting with the right talent through online freelance projects (get anything done remotely) & by easily being able to get someone to work in house. We're making is simpler to get things done. quickly.

Two: To help students & graduate find work, improve their employability & get paid for it. We have first hand experience of how much talent there is in young people & we want employers to see this too. This is why we provide access to freelance projects & work placements to help get past that catch-22 of needing experience to get a job but being unable to get that first gig.

We've built in a ton of features into the site to help buinesses grow & tackle youth unemployment so read on to find out more.

If you're interested, you can find out more about our back story here.

How does it work?

Talent Cupboard works around two main areas.

The first being around online freelance projects which is ideal for businesses getting work done remotely & providing flexibility for students & graduates to earn whereever they are.

The second is around placing students & graduates into a specific role on site at an employers office. We have a couple of services geared towards this as well.

To find out more specific information on how this works for a business or a student or graduate then make sure to check out the specific FAQs for your user type which can be accessed on the tabs above.

Whatever you decide to do, you're going to need to become a member of the Talent Cupboard community.

Who can use Talent Cupboard?

Anyone can use Talent Cupboard as long as you're aged 18 or above.

As a note for anyone outside the UK, we're not geared up for you yet but you're still more than welcome to use the site!

How do I register?

It 30 seconds to register. All you'll need is your email, a username of your choice & a secure passowrd. Easy.

What happens if I can't log in to my account?

If for any reason you have trouble logging into your account then use the contact form to get in touch and we'll attempt to resolve the problem as quickly as we can.

If I have a problem how can I contact Talent Cupboard?

If you have any issues or suggestions just use the contact form to get in touch. One of the team will be on the case right away.