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About us

Welcome to the wonderful world of Talent Cupboard.

The place where we connect brilliant businesses with incredible talent.

Our story
Our team
Our mission
Our new model



Our story


In a galaxy far far away...

Hello there, Adam here! I look after Talent Cupboard and it's my pleasure to introduce you to our wonderful business.

So what do we actually do? Glad you asked.

Back in 2011 we spotted a problem and an opportunity.

There were all of these awesome entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a way to find new customers and grow. Trouble was, tapping into the right talent or marketing agencies were just a wee bit too expensive.

We also noticed that there were loads of talented students & grads out there just clamouring for work. The trouble is, young people are kind of stuck in this rubbish Catch-22. To get work, they need experience. But how are they supposed to get it without a job in the first place? Hmm.

Well then, what if we did something about it and bring these two incredible groups together for freelance work? The businesses get to tap into amazing talent without breaking the bank and these talented youngsters get their foot on the experience ladder whilst getting paid for it. Now that's a win - win.

A little bit of work later and then BOOM, our first site Concept Cupboard was launched in February 2011.

Since then we've done a load of interesting things from meeting Lords through to appearing on the BBC and much much more.

The thing we're most proud of though is seeing our wonderful community of businesses and freelancers add value and bring a little happiness to each others lives. We don't mean to brag but the system we have is pretty awesome. Why not try it out?

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A quick history of Talent Cupboard

Concept Cupboard



Coding Cupboard



Talent Cupboard


Launched 12th August 2015: Talent Cupboard site is launched to connect brilliant businesses looking to grow with the best up-and-coming student & graduate talent.


Our team


Meet the key players behind Talent Cupboard.

Adam Ball, General Manager
Adam Ball - General Manager

General Manager, gym boffin and champion of all things tech. Adam is actually 68 years old. He has Benjamin Button syndrome and is getting younger as every year passes.

He's responsible for the day to day operations of Talent Cupboard.

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Guy McConnell, Co-founder
Guy McConnell

Co-founder, Tottenham fan and marketing wizard. He also claims to fight crime in his spare time, but we think he just likes to wear spandex.

Guy has spent 20+ years working in marketing agencies. He also runs BURN, an award winning digital agency with Julie.

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Julie Cheetham, Co-founder
Julie Cheetham

Co-founder number two, dog-lover and marketer extraordinaire. Every square inch of Julie's home is covered in Simply Red posters. Seriously.

Julie was integral in the sale of Black Cat, her previous agency, to WPP. She's since founded BURN and Talent Cupboard.

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Simon Devon shire, Co-founder
Simon Devon shire

Co-founder number three, stupidly tall man and all-round business guru. Struggles with low ceilings.

Simon has headed up Telecommunication's Wayra accelerator program in Europe as well as heading up SME at O2. He also came up with the original idea behind One water.

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Arthur, Head of Morale
Simon Devon shire

Arthur is a critical member of the team at Talent Cupboard.

His main role is to keep everyone motivated in the office. If he's not doing that then he can be found pushing our online marketing campaigns. Only joking, he's mostly trying to steal our lunches.

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High Five


We're always on the lookout for bright new talent. We'll advertise any live jobs on our search page here or you can easily send your CV for reference to us here.

If you're looking for experience before joining our team then we recommend using Talent Cupboard to complete some freelance jobs, we'll be super impressed.

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Our mission to help businesses and young people


Helping businesses

Encouraging business growth

It's an exciting time to be starting a business. In 2014 alone there were more than 581,000 new businesses registered with Companies House. Starting a business is easier than ever, growing it is more complcated in the digital world. We're here to help those looking to grow their business.

Getting SMEs online

50% of SMEs have no digital presence in the UK. That over 2 million organisations who are not reaping the benefits of the digital revolution. There are plenty of hurdles to face in getting online. For many it can be down to a lack of money or time. That's why we've launched a new service to help them get online easily.

Encouraging employment of youth

There are over 5 million small businesses in the UK. There are also just under 1 million young people left unemployed. Imagine the good that could come of getting these two groups to collaborate. It's something we're passionate to be working on.

Helping young people

Freelancing exeperience for young people

There is a simple catch-22 around youth unemployment. In order to get a job, you need experience. But how do you get this in the first place? Freelancing creates an accessible way to build experience & get paid for it. We want to see more students participating in freelance work early on in their studies.

Better CVs for everyone

Currently 87% of Britain's leading employers have entry-level vacancies open due to the poor quality of applications. Writing a CV is tough. Reading dozens of them as an employer is tougher. That's why we've created a brand new CV building tool made for the 21st century.

Awesome careers advice

Careers content can run the risk of being a bit boring for young people today. That's why we're shaking this up with our own unique take on providing advice. Expect to see a lot of videos, blogs, quizzes & more. Check it out here.


A new model to tackle youth unemployment


What does this new model look like?

A new model of work